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Is Work a Bad Word?

I have written before about the value of work.  (Is Work a 4 Letter Word? December, 2015) My thoughts today are to consider work in the context of religion.  Is work a bad thing when it comes to religion?  Is … Continue reading

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Right or Effective?

We have a religious body in our community that is fairly new to this area.  Their facilities, in a prime location, look like a small community college campus. I recently heard the leader of this very popular growing religious group … Continue reading

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The Heart

I have oft heard the expression “Well GOD knows my heart.” The thought usually means that sincerity is the crux of salvation. That if one’s heart is sincere GOD will save that person. Another expression is “I know in my … Continue reading

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What about the Sabbath?

The question of today’s blog involves a keeping of the Sabbath as a holy day. This is clearly one of the Ten Commandments, and thus, a part of the old law, given Moses on Mount Sinai in Exodus 20. But … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Swartzkopf

May I tell you about my all time favorite dog? He was a German Shepherd born in the midst of Desert Storm thus he was named after the general, Norman Swartzkopf. This dog was the epitome of loyalty. He loved … Continue reading

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