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WWJD What would Jesus do?  This was a very popular saying some time ago.  It is indeed a worthy consideration as we face life’s daily struggles.  If our aim is to be Christ-like then maybe this needs to be more … Continue reading

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My Life According To

I read an interesting paper once that described how television influences the way people see the world around them.  There is no denying the effect that the world’s most potent communications instrument has on the viewers. I have long railed … Continue reading

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I am one of those people who gets queasy at the sight of blood.  I remember when my wife and I had our blood tests before we got married.  I sat down and made it through my procedure fine but … Continue reading

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The Continental Divide

Teresa and I have had the privilege of visiting several states out West. There is nothing I’ve seen in life quite like visiting the Rocky Mountains. The song, America the Beautiful, was penned from the summit of Pikes Peak in … Continue reading

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I Declare Truth

I Declare Truth! I am not a fan of all situation comedies on television. As a matter of fact I watch very few of them. With the few that I have followed it has been my m. o. to get … Continue reading

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You Go First

It has been the same through the years. If I have ever gotten interested in a situation comedy on television, most of the time it was after the series went off the air. I have become interested in the show … Continue reading

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