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A cup of cold water

We have so much road construction going on in our area.  It seems everywhere we go there is a delay.  Recently while returning home I was caught in a line of traffic.  It was the middle of the day with … Continue reading

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The Tobacco Can and the Buried Treasure

I remember as a child being fascinated with the idea of buried treasure. Once as a young child I put some money into a Prince Albert Tobacco can and buried it in the yard.  Now first of all if you … Continue reading

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To Make America Great Again…

During the 1800’s, Alexis de Toqueville, a famous French political philosopher, visited our nation seeking to uncover the secret of our greatness. He traveled from town to town, asking questions and examining every facet of our society.  When he finished … Continue reading

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10 Rules for Fatherhood

Father’s Day is the day set aside for celebrating our fathers and the influence of fathers in our society.  It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the father in the family.  With few exceptions, when father and mother are … Continue reading

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Who can find a faithful man?

I suppose our society is struggling with the idea of manhood now more than ever.  What is your definition of manliness?  What is your description of a real man?  Is it the idea of the Marlboro man of the cigarette … Continue reading

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Did it ever occur to you that the first time in Scripture wherein we hear GOD and Christ speak, it is in the form of a question? In the Garden, GOD called out to Adam and asked, “Where are you?” … Continue reading

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Will you scratch my back?

The phrase “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” usually means I will do something for you and then you return the favor.  Man is not meant to live an isolated life on an island.  We have relationships with … Continue reading

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There is an interesting and yet disturbing section of scripture found in the book of Ezekiel.  Within a few chapters, GOD’S glory is depicted as departing from Israel.  And rather than it happening all at once it appears to happen … Continue reading

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Lost. That is one of the more frightening words in our language. Most of us can recall a situation where we were lost at least for a time. Hopefully it was not a threatening situation. I have a brother 5 … Continue reading

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My Last Blog

Today is my 100th blog.  Sometimes a television show will have a special show celebrating its 100th episode.  So today I have chosen a special topic.  My thoughts today are titled, My Last Blog.  Now I hope it is not literally … Continue reading

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