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Among Whom You Shine

Have you ever been in total darkness?  Teresa and I have visited Ruby Falls in Chattanooga a couple of times.  We took an elevator deep into Lookout Mountain and then walked ¼ mile back into the cave to see these … Continue reading

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A Thorn

We all have had a splinter or briar in our hand at some point.  Sometimes it is even so small we can barely see it.  But oh how it can hurt.  And if it is not removed, the area begins … Continue reading

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Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Isa 7:14 Matthew 1:23 makes clear this prophecy was fulfilled with the birth of Christ. Matthew … Continue reading

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The Atheist

Recently I read a letter to the editor from a very combative atheist.  When I finished I remember thinking of what I would say to the writer if given the chance.  It is very simply this. Let us first suppose … Continue reading

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WWJD What would Jesus do?  This was a very popular saying some time ago.  It is indeed a worthy consideration as we face life’s daily struggles.  If our aim is to be Christ-like then maybe this needs to be more … Continue reading

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There is an old adage in education stating that by 3rd grade you learn to read and then you spend the rest of your life reading to learn.  You learn to read and then read to learn.  Think about that … Continue reading

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1517 and 1492

Today is the 500th anniversary of an event which had a tremendous impact on our religious world.  This is the 500th anniversary of the event involving Martin Luther and his protest of the religious environment of his day.  He nailed … Continue reading

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Do I really know Him?

We find the following question relative to Jesus, in various forms 5 times in the Scripture.  Who is this?  (Mt 21:10; Lk 5:21; 7:49; 9:9; John 12:34) Who is this Jesus?  Do you know Him? One might say, of course … Continue reading

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The Unnamed Woman

The women listed in the genealogy of Jesus make for an interesting study.  A closer look at the lineage found in the first chapter of Matthew reveals there are four named women including the mother of our LORD. For our … Continue reading

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See a Little

Kevin Elko is a motivational speaker.  Recently he shared the story of when he was asked to go to a speaking engagement. When he got to the airport, his driver never showed so he had to take a taxi. After … Continue reading

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