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Draw Nearer to GOD

The expression “draw near” is found several times in Scripture.  To draw near to GOD is a thought almost beyond our comprehension.  The fact that we can even have access to the GOD of creation is amazing.  But to draw … Continue reading

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Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

In the movie, What About Bob, the lead character, an extremely needy personality, has the following line:  “Gimme, gimme, gimme, I need, I need, I need.”  Bill Murray stars as the neurotic Bob Wiley in one of my favorite comedies. … Continue reading

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Is Work a Bad Word?

I have written before about the value of work.  (Is Work a 4 Letter Word? December, 2015) My thoughts today are to consider work in the context of religion.  Is work a bad thing when it comes to religion?  Is … Continue reading

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Some People Like to Talk

I heard someone recently complaining about a person who monopolizes the conversation.  He said the person just takes over a meeting and does all the talking.  It was said that this person obviously likes to hear himself talk.  We all … Continue reading

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The Hortatory Subjunctive

Surely the title of today’s blog will cause some to read the devotional just for curiosity sake.  My thoughts today actually are focused on the New Year and thinking about how to be better in the New Year.  So what … Continue reading

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Be Where Your Feet Are

Sometimes a statement that seems simple can carry a great message when you think about it.  “Be where your feet are” is a common saying of my favorite football coach.  Of course, in his world of football, it means to … Continue reading

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“Never listen to the voice of a man, who doesn’t listen to the voice of GOD” Currently there are some professional athletes who are protesting what they perceive as a social injustice by refusing to stand during the playing of … Continue reading

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The Greatest

I was never a fan of the boxer once known as Cassius Clay, and later as Muhammed Ali.  Even though I was not a fan, I admit he was one of the great ones in that sport.  One of the … Continue reading

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What’s in it for me?

We live in a time and culture that is generally selfish.  For many it appears to be all about me.  All about self.  I need cite only one example.  Go to Facebook and look at the pictures.  This generation has … Continue reading

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Gold Silver or Bronze

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games, this year known as the 31st Olympiad, will come to a close in a few days.  It has been a joy to watch the world class athletes competing for their respective countries.  I am proud … Continue reading

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