The Billboard

As I am driving through our town I pass by several billboards with the same message. In fact I have seen the message on television and heard in on radio also. It is in fact timely today even though it was written about 3,000 years ago. It expresses our concern for our nation.

If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sin and heal their land.

This scripture is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and was given to King Solomon. It is the classic if/then statement, a conditional statement that presents the people with some things they must do first in order to receive GOD’S blessings. It is as true today as it was then.

Note there were 4 things the people were required to do after which GOD promised He would do 3 things. They were to humble themselves, pray, seek Him, and turn from their wicked ways. In turn GOD would hear, forgive, and heal.

I find it extremely important to note the order of the 4 things the people were asked to do. Note what was listed first. Humility. There is no need to pray and seek GOD until one first has the proper attitude. One is to be humble, to have a broken spirit. A humble spirit is one that recognizes his helplessness in spiritual matters. It is the very opposite of pride and arrogance. What do we find to be the first Beatitude? Blessed is the poor in spirit. Again I don’t think the order is meaningless. One must have the proper attitude toward GOD before any other action is acceptable. This inner response is a broken spirit, a realization of one’s total need for GOD.

We are next encouraged to pray. How is your prayer life? The Hebrew term for pray is palal. It is interesting to note the meaning also can involve interceding on behalf of others. When was the last time you prayed for others? What percentage of your prayers would you say is for others versus self? Study the prayers found in the bible and note the selfless attitude found in many of them.

We are to seek Him. The Bible says “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find” Matthew 7:7. It also directs us to “Seek first the kingdom of GOD…” in Matthew 6:33.

And we are to turn from our wicked ways, i.e. repent. Before one can be acceptable to GOD, repentance is necessary. Luke 13:3, “Unless you repent you shall all likewise perish.”

Then GOD will hear our prayers (what a thrilling thought), forgive our sins (the greatest blessing that comes through Christ) and heal our land (only GOD can save our great nation).

But I have said all this to come to this the most important point. This promise is not made to America. As much as I love this great country, it is not addressed to the nation. If you read carefully you will see that there are actually 5 conditions placed on man. If MY PEOPLE who are called by MY NAME. It is addressed only to the true children of GOD. In our time, this would be faithful followers of Christ.

GOD’ S people have never been in the majority. He would have saved Sodom for the sake of 10 souls. I am convinced that America has been spared and continues to be blessed by Him for the sake of the righteous few that are her citizens.

My hope is that you are one of His people who are called by His Name. And that you will with all humility continue in prayer for our great nation. I sincerely pray that this country will continue to be the wonderful place to live and serve GOD for my children, grandchildren and their children.

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