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Grow up

I love the spring time.  It is a time of renewal, a time of growth.  I remember as a young man growing up on the farm, it was a time to plant.  By this time we would be putting fertilizer … Continue reading

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Intellectual vs Circumstantial

Are you happy?  Are you a generally content person?  The pursuit of happiness is strange in that if one makes happiness, fulfillment, or contentment their goal, it will likely go unfulfilled.  That is to say, if you make happiness your … Continue reading

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Opposition Parties

In our country no matter which political party is in power there is always an opposition party.  If this opposition is handled in a healthy way it strengthens our government.  The opposition party holds the other party accountable.  The system … Continue reading

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What you think

You are not what you think you are but what you think, you are. Let us take the first part – You are not what you think you are. People usually have an inflated opinion of self.  Too often we … Continue reading

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Ok I confess I love a “Hot-Now” Krispy Kreme donut.  I realize they are not a daily part of a healthy diet but when you want to splurge, it is hard to beat a couple of hot donuts and a … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th Triskaidekaphobia is a big word with a simple meaning.  It is the morbid fear of the number 13.  It comes from the Greek words tris (three), kai (and), and deka (ten), thus the meaning 13; and … Continue reading

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The Hand

Several years ago there was a popular song called “Daddy’s Hands.”  The song was very touching and referred to the hands of a father that could be soft or hard depending on the circumstances.  I recall a line in the … Continue reading

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He Suffered Once

We have all heard the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished.”  Have you ever suffered because of a good deed? I can think back on my life and remember many times I suffered for doing wrong, for making a poor … Continue reading

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Mama Nell

I grew up in a small town.  During my teen years my hometown may have best been known as the home of “Mama Nell.”  Mama Nell lived about half way between my house and town.    She was a fortune teller … Continue reading

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October 31

No, this article is not about Halloween.  Rather, it is about an anniversary celebration of sorts.  On this date 499 years ago something happened that forever changed the world of religion.  Next year will be the 500th anniversary of the … Continue reading

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