Camping with the boys

When my boys were growing up we loved to go camping. Whether it was in the back yard or the back woods, we had many good trips. I guess that is just part of being a boy and loving the outdoors. Their mother was always the trooper. She was outnumbered living in a house of boys. I am sure she would have preferred to be on a shopping trip or perhaps a field trip to antique malls. But she was always “excited” about going camping with us guys. I remember one night in particular when the weather turned very cold and we put the two boys in the quality sleeping bags and she and I wound up in the only other bag together. We almost froze – but good memories. Something about pitching the tent and “roughing it.”

In Genesis 13:12, it is said of Lot that he dwelt in the cities of the plains and pitched his tent toward Sodom. What about Sodom was appealing to Lot? Lot made a poor choice that would cost him his family by choosing to live so near wickedness. Verse 13 tells us that the men of Sodom were extremely wicked. Why would Lot deliberately choose to live so near them and raise his children in that environment? Abraham, by contrast, is said to have removed his tent in verse 18.

This all begs the question, where is my tent pitched? Is my tent pitched in the direction of wickedness? Throughout life, one should take inventory of his or her life. Obviously, these are issues that need to be dealt with early in life, but a regular check up throughout life is necessary as well.

Am I living in a place that makes it difficult for me to be a Christian?

Am I surrounded by friends that help or hinder my walk with the LORD?

Does the job I have – the work I do each day – allow me to grow as a Christian?

How about my past times, my hobbies – are they bringing honor and glory to HIM?

Are there any areas of my life that need to be addressed in light of eternity?

Early in life, when making career choices, choices of mate, etc., do we give any thought to these matters? We should.

If I determine that in life my tent is indeed pitched toward Sodom, help me be like Abram and remove my tent. Help me make the changes in my life realizing eternity is at stake not only for me but for my loved ones as well. I imagine Lot would choose differently if he had it to do over again.

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